Countdown to Spring

Can you feel it?? The weather has finally started to turn, the white trees outside of Davis have started to bloom, making the dorm look a little less like a brick monstrosity….. and now that I’ve made a spring-themed playlist its probably official.

For my second mix I chose songs by primarily male songwriters and bands. I think their voices all have similar sounds, but I changed up the themes and tempos of the songs from start to finish. It starts with a fun, raucous number by Philadelphia-based Jukebox the Ghost, and ends with a quieter, more intimate piece by Nada Surf. The songs in between are stuffed with the cheekiness and innocence that I’m always drawn to. Some more detail….

“Under My Skin” – Jukebox the Ghost: Just listen to the lyrics and tell me they aren’t hilarious
“Miserabilia” – Los Campesinos!: This band has this crazy energy that is endearing despite the rough edges around their sound
“Sundress” – Ben Kweller: Just a sweet song :)
“Horchata” – Vampire Weekend: So apparently Horchata is some sort of traditional beverage from Spain/Latin America. Makes sense when you consider the echo sound of the chorus and the instrumentation. It all starts to sound like the pattering of droplets or the pouring of liquid into a cup.
“Comets” – Fanfarlo: The playlist starts to wind down here….
“Rue De Lis” – The Essex Green: I have to describe every song?
“Not the Same” – Ben Folds: But I don’t wanna
“Your Legs Grow” – Nada Surf: An understated song, tucked in the middle of the album, but I think it fits nicely here as the cap to the list

Anyway, now that it is 1:30 a.m. I’m going to wrap up this post. Womp. Posting on Tuesday fail.
But listen up!