Procrastination Station

Dearest Devoted Readers (who do not yet exist),


Welcome to Procrastination Station. This will undoubtedly always be written whilst I am stashed away in the corner of 207… if you have ever been to 207, I have undoubtedly been sitting there watching you. SURPRISE! If you’re currently requestioning your life, wondering what happened to your natural instincts and fight or flight, don’t feel too bad… no one ever notices.


What am I usually doing you might ask? Why would I do such a strange thing such as spend all my time in a suite “I don’t live in”? Well, there is a simple answer my friends. It is safe to say I spend 94.386% of my time in Davis on that bed doing one thing and one thing only: procrastinating.

Now when most procrastinate, it’s facebook or youtube. Maybe you get wild and crazy and hit up twitter or textsfromlastnight (I know it’s gone out of style, but really, it is the best). But why would you do that when you could actually do beneficial things with your time (that no, are not homework). Believe it or not, that time could be very productive, making it even easier to justify to yourself why you’re awake at 5:30 in the morning fiercely scribbling away at your paper due at 9:00 am. Trust me, I’ve been there. And this is surefire. How could you not become distracted by a movie in Swedish about teenaged lesbians coming [quite literally] out of the closet? (start at 2:55)

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why? WHY? But really, it was free to Amazon Prime members (really awesome if you’re looking for something to do). And it wasn’t half bad! If you like Swedish, subtitles, and lesbians. Beyond that, just a good old team drama.